Chris A. Bruehl, CPA
Contract CFO and Other Financial Consulting

Since engagements are performed on a contract basis, Chris is able to offer as little or as much help necessary to facilitate the goals of your business.  Some examples of services include:


     -  Cash flow and management of working capital
     -  Profitability (cost, pricing and operating strategies)
     -  Financial reporting and information to run the business
     -  Business monitoring by determining key performance factors

Planning and analysis

     -  Business plans
     -  Financial analysis, modeling and projections
     -  Strategic planning
     -  Budgeting
     -  Establish goals and track progress

Business systems

     -  Establish new processes
     -  Reengineer existing processes to improve efficiencies and reduce costs
     -  Accounting system design and implementation
     -  Internal controls, policies and procedures


     -  Assist in identifying and evaluating sources of debt and equity financing
     -  Serve as liaison and prepare information for funding sources
     -  Improve lender and investor relations

Buying and selling a business

     -  Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures
     -  Due diligence
     -  Integration of acquired businesses


     -  Restructuring and rightsizing
     -  Succession planning in concert with tax accountant and attorney
     -  Contract review and negotiations
     -  Risk management
     -  Site selection, lease negotiations, and other real estate services
     -  Commission and incentive plans
     -  Train company staff and mentor key personnel
     -  Assist in preparing records for annual audit of financial statements

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